My name is Beata Kozaczuk

  I am the founder of „PSYCHE SPECTRUM”. I have a M.Sc. in pedagogy, psychology and a post graduate dyploma in Human
Resource Management.

   In psychology I am specialized in: developmental, educational, personality and counseling (professional, personal).

  Widelely authored in dozens of articles. I am holding a certificate from the University of Cambridge (ESOL Examinations)
and  I am the author of the „Mini Handbook for Child Development” and the guidebook „Questions for a Nanny. How to organize child care.”

I have experience as a translator, journalist, teacher, psychologist and an expert witness in the fields of developmental psychology and counseling. My services are offered in Polish as well as English.

My work is guided by the following motto:

„In life there are no ready-made solutions. There are only active forces.
These forces must be triggered and the solution will spontaneously occur.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Feel free to use my services.